Yoga and healing with horses 

Combining the beautiful, transformative powers of yoga and the gentle, healing energy of horses 

Remember our beautiful programme of Yoga & Healing with Horses? Well we have news!

Jo Corfield and the Hopethruhorses herd have relocated to an amazing 70 acre patch of forest and valley land in South-East Wales and are becoming a voluntary, community organisation.

Light Yoga Space is super excited to be working towards more future collaborations of yoga and equine therapy retreats with this herd of beautiful beings.

The herd consists of a combination of balanced, well adjusted horses and those who arrived with their own traumas and in need of healing. Some of them have been with Hopethruhorses since birth knowing only freedom, love and kindness. Others have been damaged by human ignorance and cruelty and have come to find emotional peace in the calming company of the psychologically healthy members of the herd

This mix of the naturally healed and those in need of healing has created a herd that has found harmony and equilibrium through working together for the greater good of the whole group. This has a powerful healing effect on the humans who have had the privilege and honour of knowing them and working with them therapeutically


Hopethruhorses for the people

Through gentle, therapeutic practices such as yoga with the horses, and equine therapy, the Preserve the Herd Organisation aims to bring people and horses together in a way that promotes physical and mental health, healing and well-being whilst educating on the nature and sentience of horses in their natural environment. We aim to interact with the horses in a mutually beneficial way

Hopethruhorses for the horses

We aim to be the guardians for life of this gentle, bonded herd keeping them safe, healthy and together with plenty of acreage for them to run freely and live naturally. We do not ride the horses or have them work for us in any way, they are embraced as equals. All human interactions with the horses are with awareness and respect for their sentience and their ability to choose whether they want to engage with us or not

In August 2017 we ran a beautiful 1-day mini yoga retreat with the herd.

You can read more about the programme below. We hope to do more work with the horses once the herd is established in their new home

The Horses

Light Yoga Space in partnership with Hopethruhorses

The Horses

Hopethruhorses is an established Equine Involvement Therapy facility in Garsington, Oxfordshire, founded and run by experienced equine therapist Jo Corfield.


This is about working with the horses on an emotional and energetic level to overcome the fears that entrap us, for personal transformation and healing. Think the healing potential of swimming with dolphins, only in a luscious field in the English countryside meditating and connecting with equine energy and a gentle herd of therapy horses

Jo set up and runs Hopethruhorses entirely on her own and has a deeply beautiful, intimate and trusting relationship with each member of her herd of 19 beloved horses. She knows each horse inside out and her story, and theirs, are utterly inspirational. You can find out more about Jo and working with horses in this therapeutic way by exploring her website


The Yoga

The yoga will be led by Janice Kate Fisher proprietor of Light Yoga Space. We will practice 2x classical Hatha yoga sessions led in the beautiful and authentic Sivananda tradition. We will practice in the field with the horses, weather permitting.

Janice has been studying Sivananda classical hatha yoga for over 20 years and has been teaching for 15. She is passionate about supporting herself and others on the journey towards a healthy body, a healthy body-image, mental health, well-being and self-acceptance. She very much believes that every-'body' can  benefit from the transformative power of yoga.  She is dedicated to Sivananda yoga and believes wholeheartedly in it as a practical force for good in the world.

You can find out more about Janice and about Sivananda yoga by exploring our website here 

I am working more and more with exploring the healing potential of practicing yoga in the presence of animals. Animals seem to be very drawn to the gentle, healing energy of yoga and meditation, and gentle people seem to be drawn to the healing energy of animals.

I believe animals can help us evolve emotionally, energetically and spiritually with much to give us and teach us on their terms, and we are there to love and support them and certainly in this human centred society take care of them and protect them from harm.
— a word from Janice

Day Schedule

Note there might be some changes to this proposed schedule.

10:00 a.m. arrival time

10:15 a.m. Opening circle

10:30. Yoga session 1 in the pen

11:30. Talk and intro from Jo, health and safety, horse body language, trust, about equine therapy, about herd behaviour,
Introductions to some of the individual horses going round the
horses as a group, meeting them and hearing their
stories and learning about their behaviour

12:30. Packed lunch in the pen

1:30. Guided exercises with the horses plus free time with the herd, which will include 10-15 minute
one-to- one’s with Jo and individual horses

3:30. Yoga session 2 in the field, with breathing and
meditation with the horses

5:30. Closing circle

6:00. Departure time 

Please not all activities are weather dependent. If the day is rainy we will have  gazebo style covering for both yoga sessions. You will need to bring warm and waterproof clothing