Welcome to the Light Yoga Space

We are a beautiful independently run yoga studio, purely focused on classical hatha yoga taught in the Sivananda tradition 


Our mailing list

We often run special offers with significant discounts on class bundles, we hold special programmes, have visiting teachers, run new courses and have exciting news we’d love to be able to share with you every now and then. To keep yourself informed and up to date with Light Yoga Space happenings please join our mailing list


About Sivananda Yoga

Sivananda yoga follows the Indian tradition of passing knowledge from teacher to student, so at Light Yoga Space we are practicing classical hatha yoga firmly rooted in thousands of years of spiritual teachings


Our Classes

Our yoga classes follow a classical sequence of powerful yoga postures (asanas), deep relaxation practices, and meditative breathing exercises (pranayama)


Our vision

Our vision at  Light Yoga Space is to be a friendly, welcoming, non exclusive, body positive, vegan, animal friendly, yoga studio, accessible to all

We want to offer classical hatha yoga in a calming and beautiful environment that is conducive to spiritual practice. We aim to stay as close as possible to the the classical teachings of the Sivananda yoga tradition.

We love Sivananda yoga and from our own experiences, believe in it’s deep potential to clear away inner blocks to self knowledge, and to generate a tremendous sense of well being and healing. We want to share this with our students


The benefits of a regular yoga practice

The benefits of a regularly maintained Sivananda Hatha Yoga practice include improved digestion, lightness and agility in the body, reduced muscular tensions, relief from back and neck pain, core stability and strength, increased flexibility, improved posture, better balance, improved concentration and focus, stress relief, increased energy, creative thinking, self-awareness, self-confidence & joy-de-vivre, and more…


The Logistics

You do not need to book in advance for any of our drop-in sessions. Bundles of classes and unlimited packages are available for those of you who want to practice more regularly, and we offer 6-week beginners and improvers courses for those of you who want an introductory foundation before joining our drop-in classes

We provide mats blankets and cushions at the studio so all you need, to do is to come along and learn Yoga!


We are animal friendly

What do we mean by animal friendly? We won’t use any animal products in the yoga studio including wool, leather, beeswax etc. and all food served and consumed at the sanctuary is vegan. Some of our teachers have dogs who may be present in classes, and we are planning some exciting future retreats and workshops alongside animals including yoga and dog walking adventures. Some of our drop-in classes are dog friendly meaning you can bring your dog (but not all so watch out for our DF symbol)