Welcome to Light Yoga Space

We are an inclusive, body positive, queer friendly, dog friendly, vegan yoga studio, purely focused on classical hatha yoga in the Sivananda tradition.


We offer a single form of classical hatha yoga which is a deep, beautiful, introspective practice taught in the Sivananda tradition.

Inclusive Classes

To create safe and welcoming spaces for more people we are currently designing a series of inclusive community focussed classes including Back to Black classes, Classes for the queer community, 12-step inspired classes for addicts in recovery, Rebel Elder classes for our respected elders and more… watch this space and keep your eye on the inclusive yoga tab in our main menu or join our mailing list to stay informed of all happenings at Light Yoga Space. Classes that are already on the menu or coming soon include…

Rebel Elder Classes

Back to Black Yoga

12-Step Inspired Yoga

Body Positive Yoga

Yoga and Walking with dogs

Yoga at the Animal Sanctuary

Queer Community Classes

Our yoga classes follow a classical sequence of yoga postures (asanas), deep relaxation practices, and meditative breathing exercises (pranayama)