Congratulations on your pregnancy.

I would love to take care of you with yoga at this special time

Contact Janice Kate to find out more about our pregnancy and post-natal mentoring programme, a bespoke way of guiding you through your yoga practice, with nurturing trimester appropriate exercises that will support you through your pregnancy and beyond. This is a one-to-one programme designed just for you, with a combination of one-to-one yoga, meditation, chanting, and group drop-in classes

Your Pregnancy Mentoring Programme Includes

  • 1x 2hr introductory one-to-one yoga, breathing and meditation session followed by a cup of tea and a get to know each other chat
  • 20x 1hr one-to-one sessions to be taken any time over the second and third trimester of your pregnancy, any not taken can be rolled over to beyond the pregnancy within 1 year of the birth
  • Unlimited drop-in classes at the Light Yoga Space for the duration of your mentoring programme


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