Welcome to the Light Yoga Space

We are a beautiful independently run yoga studio, purely focused on Sivananda yoga. 

We offer a timetable of daily mixed ability drop-in Sivananda sequence yoga classes. We also offer 10-week beginners courses, group meditation and chanting evenings (Satsang), one-to-one yoga sessions, yoga for larger bodies mentoring programmes, 60+ yoga, world chanting evenings, Kirtan, special events and more...

About Sivananda Yoga

The Sivananda yoga system stems from the teachings of the Indian yoga master Swami Sivananda and his disciple Swami Vishnudevananda.

Sivananda yoga offers an integrated yoga practice with a strong focus on exercises and the physical benefits of yoga, as well as on the other more subtle aspects of yoga such as correct breathing, relaxation, meditation, positive thinking, the study of yogic scriptures, karma yoga, kirtan, and mantra chanting.

Our Vision

Our vision is to run a friendly, welcoming, none-exclusive, none-posy, yoga studio, accessible to all. We want to offer yoga in a calming and beautiful environment that is conducive to spiritual practice. We aim to stay close to the the classical teachings of the Sivananda yoga tradition. We believe that yoga is ultimately a spiritual practice but that you don’t have to identify as spiritual to practice yoga. We love Sivananda yoga and from our own experiences, believe in it’s deep potential to clear away inner blocks to self knowledge, and to generate a tremendous sense of well being and healing. We want to share this with our students. 

We also want to make Sivananda yoga more readily accessible to people in north and east London. Whilst there is plenty of yoga north and east of the river it is hard to find a timetable of purely Sivananda sequence, classical hatha yoga classes. The UK branch of the Sivananda organisation is based in their city ashram in Putney, south-west London.

We are an Animal Friendly Yoga Studio

Please note we have a dog and a cat who both live in the yoga studio and can be present in some classes. They are wonderful creatures, gentle, funny and both very soft and friendly. Frida is a 2-year-old Hungarian Puli an ancient sheepdog breed with a corded coat, and Pearl is a soft, loving, gentle, 9- year-old shorthaired oriental cinnamon tabby cat. They both love to greet people on arrival but then tend to fall asleep for the rest of class.

The Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice

When practiced regularly, the Sivananda yoga postures, relaxation and breathing can help us to develop on many levels, improving strength, balance, flexibility, concentration, confidence, sensitivity, as well as general health, well-being and peace of mind.

The Sivananda Class Sequence

All our yoga classes follow the Sivananda yoga class sequence a classical sequence of hatha yoga postures (asanas), relaxation, and breathing exercises (pranayama) originating from India and practiced throughout the ages. 

The Sivananda yoga class sequence can be practiced strenuously providing a dynamic physical workout or very gently and slowly creating deep calm and stillness. With Sivananda yoga we give our minds and souls as much of a cleanse and a workout as we do our bodies. 

To establish a calm mental attitude and inner focus the classes always begin with a short chant, a relaxation, and deep breathing exercises (pranayama). 

After establishing this inward focus we move into a sequence of flowing warm-up movements called the sun salutations (surya namaska), followed by leg stretches and core strength leg lifts.

Having thoroughly warmed up we move into the main body of the class with a sequence of 12 powerful yoga postures (asanas). As you advance in your practice dynamic and fun variations of the 12 postures are introduced. 

The classes always close with a longer guided deep-relaxation to allow the benefits of the practice to be fully metabolised, and to encourage further stress-release and healing

Everything Else

There is no need for you to book in advance for any of our drop-in sessions.  Unlimited class memberships or  10-class cards are available for those of you who want to practice more regularly.

We provide mats blankets and cushions. All you need, to do is to come along and learn Yoga!