Yoga for Larger Bodies Welcoming Day Workshops



Join us for this welcoming day workshop, for people with larger bodies, who would like to join our regular drop-in classes but feel a bit daunted to make the first move.

In these workshops you are welcomed as you are and we will aim to safely explore the yoga poses as best practiced for your body, free from external judgment or pressure to perform.

I hope to create a safe space where we can share our stuff with each other, trial and error poses together and hopefully learn some self protection from judgment skills to make attending group classes a more enjoyable experience

Group size is limited to a maximum of 8 people to keep the experience as personal as possible, and a minimum of 3 people.

Workshop Schedule

1:00 p.m. Arrival and changing time

1:15 p.m. Introductions. I will introduce myself and tell you a bit about my story and my goals for the workshop. You can optionally introduce yourselves too if you want to. I will aim to set the tone for a non judgmental practice of ourselves or others

2:00 p.m. Yoga practice

4:00 p.m. Tea a light snack, a break and a chit chat

4:30 p.m. Breathing and meditation practice 

5:30. Closing circle and discussion on our experiences. There will also be plenty of opportunities to chat and ask questions all through the yoga session


The teacher: Janice Kate Fisher

I am the co-creator and proprietor of the Light Yoga Space. I  first discovered Sivananda Yoga in the early 90s and have been a grateful yoga student ever since

I became a teacher in 2002 so have 15 years of experience of teaching yoga to all shapes and sizes of people

My passion for teaching yoga lies in developing self love and self acceptance through the practice of gentle physical and energetic exercises. I have supported myself through low self esteem, body image issues, and weight fluctuations, and have learned so much about energy flow and enjoying my body through my own practice whatever shape my body holds at any given time. I am really drawn to supporting others on a similar journey towards a healthy body, a healthy body-image, mental health, well-being and self-acceptance. I very much believe that every-'body' can benefit from the transformative power of yoga.  I am dedicated to the wisdom of Sivananda yoga and believe wholeheartedly in it as a practical force for good in the world

My focus areas as a yoga teacher are self-acceptance through non competitive practice, working with larger bodies, and yoga with animals, I love the way animals accept their bodies unconditionally, they are simple grounded and present in the moment and have so much to teach us

You can read more about my journey with my own body image and yoga here


Yoga for Larger Bodies is an animated documentary of one woman's experience of being a plus-sized yoga instructor. It is the origin story of a London yoga class specifically for larger bodied individuals. Uniquely, and in keeping with the themes of union, meditation, and connection, the animation and all of the images it contains is formed of a single, continuous line.