Eithne Staunton - Picture Editor

'Following a period of ill health, I started learning yoga at the Light Yoga Space last year. It's become an important part of my life and I was excited to get the chance to develop it by looking at Sivananda meditation techniques. 

Meditating as the sun comes up on a Monday morning is about the most positive way I can think of to start off the working week. As a complete beginner to meditation it's been helpful to try different approaches to it in a small group setting. The classes build your ability to concentrate and focus and give you a sense of confidence to explore the different traditional techniques. I started practising yoga mainly as a form of exercise – but as the asanas help your body, meditation and pranayama help you develop your inner strength and mental well being. You take a feeling of calm and contentment with you for the rest of the day after the class, and I found I was able to think more clearly and more positively. 

I hope to be able to use these techniques in my everyday life and I'm still surprised to have found something I actually look forward to getting up at 6am for!'


Gemma Seltzer - Writer and Arts Manager

For me, finding the right space for yoga is vital. The moment I walked into The Light Yoga Space, I knew I'd found something special. With its huge windows, tall ceilings and flowers blooming happily around the room, the studio lends itself to focused practice and to relaxation. Peter teaches with a vibrant energy that he shares with his students. Janice brings kindness and precision to her classes. I neither work nor live near the studio, but find myself carving time each week to travel to the Light Yoga Space for an hour or two of calm, away from the buzz of the city. 


Caroline Walton - Editor

'I have really enjoyed learning yoga at the Light Yoga Space over the past few months. I was a complete beginner when I first started in February 2012, and a bit nervous, but Peter completely put me at ease during the beginners’ course, and I'm now enjoying my second Level 3 course. I spent some time looking for a convenient yoga studio and I'm so glad I found the Light Yoga Space; the teachers are brilliant and the yoga studio is really lovely. It’s the perfect place to learn and practise yoga.'


Ellie Stidolph - Fashion Stylist

Hi Janice & Peter, 

My New Year's Resolution this year was to make a commitment to yoga and to practice regularly with you at Light Yoga Space. I have to say it's been the most rewarding resolution I've ever made and probably the only one I have ever stuck to! Working through the level 2 and 3 courses and attending the group practice classes on weekends has made my body so much stronger- I am thrilled with my progress. It's all down to you guys - you seem to know exactly when to push me to try harder to extend a pose, I'm constantly surprised by my own body!!!!!

Thanks! Here's to another year!


Anna Taylor - Yoga Teacher

Hi Janice, 

I know this may be a bit out of blue but I've just been on a new training course this weekend. I'm training to be a yoga therapist and am finding it utterly inspiring and so what I want to go on to do in the future. In the first weekend we were asked to reflect on our yoga journey and I realised what I've always known but never said, which is how important you and your classes were to me and my own yoga journey. 

 I started off doing a whole load of little yoga classes here and there, a course with adult education etc and liked it, but it wasn't until I found your class at the Oasis that something changed. I realised that yoga was something else. That it had an amazing transformative effect in a way I'd never experienced before. And although you wouldn't have realised it, your classes became like my little dose of medicine to keep me feeling balanced at a time in life when I felt quite wobbly. I wouldn't feel like going to class but I knew that if I did I would walk out knowing that everything was OK -so I made myself go - and each week I felt better. It was amazing. And when life was really stressful at work, your weekly class on Tuesday evenings kept me sane and connected. 

 I know I've kind of moved away from the Sivananda thing but I have to say that the space you create in a yoga class is still one of the most beautiful I've experienced. 

It just really occurred to me this weekend that these people that have an amazingly transformative effect on our lives often don't know it. And it's good to know it. I know for a fact that I wouldn't be here teaching something that I utterly love and comes from my heart if it wasn't for you and your classes and I owe a massive thank you to you for that, and just wanted to say that :-) 

 Hope you're having a lovely week and hopefully get to see you soon.

 Anna x


Matthew Carrozo - Digital Marketing Manager

I moved to the area a few months ago, and after years of sitting behind a desk, going to the pub, smoking and not being a "gym person", I found myself overweight, lethargic and really wanting a change that I could stick to and enjoy that could help reverse that. 

The 10 week beginner course at Light Yoga Space with Janice has been a true revelation. I've never been so challenged physically and so at peace mentally as I have been in that precious hour of the week when I show up to the great studio space on De Beauvoir Road in Dalston. It's given me so much more energy and motivated me to buy a bike and start cycling to and from work as well. 

Sure, I still go to the pub, smoke and work behind a desk, but it's become a key part of my week to restore the balance, get fit and generally just disconnect from the madness of the Big Smoke. I've immediately signed up for the intermediate course and hope to do it more than once a week soon too at all the drop-in sessions available throughout the week. Really cannot recommend highly enough.


Zoe Laughton - Teacher 

Just a little note to say thank you very much for the beautiful calm space that you create in your classes. 

I have been coming since 11 weeks pregnant and have been so impressed with both the calm rituals of the Sivananda practice (one I did not know before) and the incredibly supportive way that you have accommodated me and my growing bump into the regular classes since the weekly pregnancy class ended. 

I always look forward to coming and it's worth coming a little further from home to find such a lovely space with knowledgeable, supportive teachers. It was my pregnancy that got me looking for a more relaxing yoga practice than I had done previously, but having now discovered you, I hope to keep coming after the birth and beyond.


Ruth Atkinson - Script Supervisor

“Hi Janice 

You may remember me from pregnancy yoga.. well my baby girl, Ania, was born on October 8th weighing a healthy 8lb 5oz! I just wanted to thank you and Peter for the wonderful yoga sessions. I am convinced that contributed to me having a positive birth experience!”


Laura Pearson - Professional Dance Artist & Teacher

Hey Janice & Peter, 

I found a haven in your space in which to learn about my body and myself whilst recovering from injury and escaping from the sometimes overwhelming bustle of London town. I love coming to your space so much, it makes me feel so safe and calm and the practices you teach really inspire me to develop my body and mind in a positive, non - judgmental way which I think is so important. I look forward to every class. Thank you for everything.


Holly Patterson - Personal Assistant

“Janice & Peter

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much I enjoyed my first class - it was truly fantastic.  I was surprised how much better I felt from just one lesson - I cannot wait until next Monday.

I also wanted to say how nice it was to find that your studio space is as lovely as it looks on the website - so often photographs can be deceiving, but your website is a true reflection of your premises and what you have to offer - I'm so pleased I've found you!”


Nikki Allen - Journalist

"I took the Beginners' Yoga Course that started in January 2011, and I am so pleased I did! The Light Yoga Space has a wonderful, healing atmosphere and the friendly, supportive yoga teachers, Janice and Peter, made me feel truly welcome. The course was a fantastic introduction to yoga. In just ten weeks, I felt noticeable changes in my body, particularly how much more flexible I had become, and the improvement in my strength. I am now continuing to learn yoga at the Light Yoga Space, and loving every minute of it. Thanks Janice and Peter!"


Halle Kosem

"This is one class i wished i had done before! I had not done yoga for a while, and i found it hard to commit to a class. Janice, the yoga teacher, has the most beautiful chanting voice and she is a brilliant and very supporting teacher. I leave the sessions completely relaxed, having Janice's beautiful voice in my ears. The premises is very clean, the mats look brand new, very welcoming and relaxing space,  full of fresh flowers, calming scents, and best of all high ceilings with a beautiful garden view, the best i have seen in London. Highly recommended!"



"I always thought I could only get into a shoulder stand again if I was at my fittest or my thinnest and then I found myself,  a month or two into Janice's class breathing comfortably and enjoying the freedom and stretch of the shoulder stand, and I loved it! The Yoga for Larger Bodies Class is really welcoming, thoughtful, stretching, humorous at times and there is a lovely, friendly, peaceful atmosphere to the group. It has really helped me overcome some of my fears about the limits of my body. I look forward to stretching and relaxing my body and mind even more! Thank you so much Janice!"