Unlimited Yoga Classes

Come 3 times per week or more on an ongoing basis and turn your life around!

Just £79 per month  

  • Ongoing recurring monthly card payments

  • Come 3x per week for about £6.59 per class, come 4x per week for about £4.95 per class

Would you like to:

  • Take a stand for your well-being and health

  • Give yourself the gift of increased energy and joy-de-vivre

  • Bring vitality, strength and flexibility to your system

  • Put yourself first for a change

If yes maybe it's time to up your commitment to your yoga practice...

What you get

  • Unlimited access to all drop-in classes at the Light Yoga Space

  • Discounts on workshops, special programmes, kirtan events, courses and retreats

How it works

  • Fill out a simple form on our website using fully integrated Stripe and Moonclerk payment gateways to create a safe, recurring payment agreement.

  • 3 months minimum commitment then you can cancel anytime with just 1 months notice (although we don't think you'll want to)

  • Then just rock up and practice yoga as often as you like whenever you like

  • Feel the joy

Why Practice Regularly?

Practicing yoga more than once per week can literally turn our lives around, bringing a sense of lightness, suppleness and ease both mentally and physically. 

We see it happen every time with students who catch the yoga bug, the more often we see them the lighter and happier they seem.

With this unlimited drop-in monthly membership you can attend any of the weekly drop-in or course classes on our timetable. Just coming one and a half times per week makes this membership worth-while financially although of course we would love to see you daily ;o) 

Minimum commitment 3-months to really give you a chance to dive into the experience.

The Benefits of a regular yoga practice

The benefits of a regularly maintained Sivananda hatha yoga practice are innumerable, and can often bring a profound sense of physical and mental comfort and ease.

The benefits of a regular yoga practice can include:

  • General good health and well-being

  • Increased joy-de-vivre

  • Feelings of inner stability, contentment & peace of mind

  • A healthy, free spinal column, muscles and joints

  • Relief from aching and tight muscles, back and neck pain

  • Development of core stability & strength

  • Better body posture

  • Improved sense of balance

  • A healthy nervous system

  • A healthy digestive system

  • Improved concentration and focus and reduced mental stress

  • Increased energy levels

  • A more positive mental attitude

  • Balanced left and right brain activity and increased creative thinking

  • More self-confidence

Unlimited Monthly Classes  Terms & Conditions

  • Your financial commitment is for a minimum of 3 months no extenuating circumstances will be accepted so please do make sure you are happy to make the minimum commitment

  • After 3-months you can cancel your ongoing card payments any time with 1 months notice. Please note the one month's notice cannot be wavered either so do think ahead if you need to stop your payments

  • To cancel your ongoing monthly payments after the first 3-months Just contact us to give us a months notice and we will organise for no further card payments to go out after the months notice is served

  • The unlimited monthly membership does not allow you unlimited free access to special programmes, retreats, workshops, kirtan sessions or courses although discounts on these programmes will be available so contact us to find out more

  • In the summer months and December we run a reduced timetable, and the yoga studio closes over bank holidays and for 2-weeks over the christmas and new year period your monthly payment amount is calculated to include these closures and fluctuations in timetable.

  • All of our classes and teachers are subject to change and fluctuations your monthly payment amount is not affected by these changes

  • This is an animal friendly yoga studio with a resident cat and dog who may be present in some or all of your classes please be aware of this before committing to this package

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