13th May 2019.

We are all settled in our new studio and classes are up and running, come and join us.

9th April 2019 - We are in

Classes have begun in the new studio, come and join us:

Light Yoga Space

4-8 Arcola Street (entrance on Miller’s Terrace)

E8 2DJ

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We did it! We have a new home

At the 11th hour and by the skin of our teeth we did it!

With 31st March being the move-out date from our old studio. We signed a contract at about midnight on 28th and moved our stuff in to a new studio on 29th! We have the new space guaranteed for 2 months with the strong likelihood of being able to renew for another year

Here's a sneak preview of the new studio

Our new address

Light Yoga Space 

Studio AS G1, 4-8 Arcola Street

(entrance on Miller’s Terrace)

Dalston, London, E8 2DJ

We have some deep cleaning to do but will be ready for classes on Wednesday you can view our timetable here



Changes at Light Yoga Space

Life is about change, sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's beautiful, but most of the time it's both.'

- Lana Lane.

Yes that was a Smallville, AKA, Superman quote. But it was wise and it kind of sums up how we feel, read on...

A new exciting era dawns

We have some big changes approaching for Light Yoga Space. It is both with some sadness in our hearts and some pure excitement and anticipation for new beginnings that we announce that we are moving studios. We have just been formally told by our landlord that our lease at Unit B, 100 De Beauvoir Road will not be renewed beyond March 30th 2019 due to big planned renovation works in the building. De Beauvoir has been our beautiful yoga home for 10 years and we have been so happy here. In that time we have established an incredible community of Sivananda yogi's with whom we have been honoured to share this beautiful practice

Meet our new management team

Janice, Jaya, Naomi and Bobbi

UPDATE 25th March 2019

As I hope you can imagine we have been buried deep in trying to find a new yoga studio for Light Yoga Space in time for our move-out date 30th March 2019. We have seen some beautiful spaces but as yet none have quite worked out! So we are still looking hard!

There are still a lot of unknowns but here are a few facts I can share with you to keep you as updated as possible

  • We love teaching Sivananda yoga, we love you, our community and we are committed to keeping classes going

  • We are 100% committed to finding a new space and carrying on with Light Yoga Space's timetable of Sivananda yoga classes as soon as possible with minimum disruption

  • Our top preference for location is Dalston and we are focussing most of our energy on finding a new permanent studio in this area

  • The last class in our current studio is this Saturday 30th March

  • We will follow the class with tea and cakes and a little, welcoming and friendly, gentle social, a meditation, and a question and answer session

  • There will be no class on Sunday 31st March

  • We are doing everything we can to find a temporary venue now to continue with a small timetable of classes in De Beauvoir so you can smoothly continue your practice whilst we continue our search for a new home. We we will certainly keep you posted!

  • If we don't find a temporary home by Monday, classes may go on hold for a little longer so please keep your eye out for these emails and the NEWS page on our website to keep updated

  • We are doing everything we can to continue classes with no break!

  • As soon as we find a permanent space you will be the first to know via our news page and an email to this mailing list

  • We need as much help as possible and many eyes are better than a few so if you come across any spaces that might work for us let us know. If you would like to get more involved in the search contact Janice on 07956-208-666 so we can tell you what we are looking for :)

  • Please keep in touch with us :)

If you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us and we will keep you all up to date and posted. You can email us at lightyogaspace@gmail.com or call Janice on 07956-208-666 or chat to a teacher after class