One-to-One Mentoring Programmes


One-to-One Mentoring Programmes


One-to-one mentoring programmes with Janice Kate Fisher

Pregnancy Mentoring Programme

Nurturing and close one-to-one guidance throughout the second and third trimester of your pregnancy and beyond

Yoga for Larger Bodies 6-week Mentoring Programme

a 6-week intensive yoga programme to help you bust through all the myths that people with larger bodies can't practice yoga, a delightful joyful, myth-busting exploration of just what your your body can do with yoga

  •  become more patient, kind and loving with your self
  • feel lighter, freer, and more comfortable in your own skin
  • bring about a real change in how you feel about your body

Go Deeper and Expand Your Practice 6-week Mentoring Programme

  • explore more dynamic and challenging yoga poses with focused one-to-one guidance
  • experience more of the bliss of yoga by going much deeper into your current practice 
  • Stretch that little bit further and have fun finding out just what else your body can do 


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