Go Deeper and Expand Your Practice

a 6-week intensive, one-to-one mentoring programme with Janice Kate Fisher

With the heat of the season making our bodies naturally more flexible, summer is a great time to expand your practice

Would you like to:

  • explore more dynamic and challenging yoga poses with focused one-to-one guidance
  • experience more of the bliss of yoga by going much deeper into your current practice 
  • Stretch that little bit further and have fun finding out just what else your body can do 

and feel completely supported whilst you are doing it? If so this 'Go Deeper and Expand Your Practice' 6-week mentoring programme might be just the practice shifting, life changing support you are looking for


The Programme:

Be thoroughly supported in your personal practice.

  • A co-created, completely bespoke, 6-week self-practice plan, tailored to your individual needs. 

  • Week 1: A dynamic and fun, get to know each other, one-to-one mentoring afternoon of yoga, deep  relaxation, breath-work and meditation at the beautiful Light Yoga Space studio.

  • Weeks 2-6: 2hrs of one-to-one yoga per week, scheduled at times that work well for you. With an attitude of play we will explore your practice together, and in a safe, supportive and fun way we will try advanced poses and variations and find out just how far you can go in body and mind

You will also get:

  • Unlimited access to all group yoga classes on the Light Yoga Space timetable over the 6-week period
  • Guidance in creating a home-practice and a practice diary to help guide your practice and monitor your thoughts, feelings, responses, progress and challenges over the 6-week period and beyond
  • One optional scheduled 20 minute phone call per week plus email guidance between sessions if you are struggling with something or need tips and/or encouragement


Find out more, book a phone call with Janice

About Janice

Janice has been teaching Sivananda yoga for over 14 years and has been studying yoga for over 20. She has trained exclusively with the worldwide Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Organisation. She is a highly experienced, empathic and sensitive teacher dedicated to teaching all shapes and sizes of people, passionate about supporting herself and others on the ongoing journey towards a healthy body image, physical, mental, spiritual health, and self-acceptance


A few words from Janice

“I love practicing in the heat, I sweat more and release more toxins, plus the natural seasonal warmth in my muscles allows me to stretch much deeper and go much further without me really noticing it.  
My practice over the years has taken many forms. When I first started yoga I was in and out, I'd a do a class here and there and then disappear for a while and then find yoga again. I always knew I loved the practice and even when I wasn't practicing I wished I was. After a few years of this and some life changes, something happened and my commitment to yoga became more firmly established. I started practicing more regularly and went from practicing once every now and then to practicing 3 or 4 times per week. The more I practiced the more fantastic I felt and the more my body became willing to do. I found myself with more energy, more positivity and more strength. I also discovered that I was a lot bendier than I could possibly have ever imagined. I found myself living for my yoga practice and traveling across London to the Sivananda centre in Putney to get my daily fix.
For a number of years I practiced this way and ultimately took my teachers training course in 2002. That was the beginning of a whole new level of practice. I started to teach and practice with vigour and for about 5 years I practiced daily without fail exploring and celebrating many of the dynamic and advanced poses. I would say they were some of the best days of my life to date. I found from my daily practice my body was flexible and strong and I had a power from within that I had certainly never experienced before. I was practicing scorpion in lotus, crescent moon with full arm variations, splits, 10 minute headstands, deep forward bends, pigeons, peacocks and more. In 2009 I took my advanced teacher training in India and Peter and I set up the Light Yoga Space.  
Of course life ebbs and flows and circumstances change. Over the years my practice has slowly changed and so has my body. I have became much more involved in teaching and running the studio, and  my practice has became more internal and less physical, more focused on devotional practices, working with my mind, teaching, pranayama and meditation, and less about asana. Nonetheless the power of those early years of intense practice has never gone away. I can still remember in the memory of my cells  the  bliss within of a powerful backward bend, a deep forward bend, a dynamic inversion or a super spinal twist. I still love teaching these poses and gently guiding students beyond what they think is ever possible. I love seeing my students experience the bliss of a strong yoga practice and the awakening of their prana (energy). My experience of becoming less physically dynamic personally, has in fact made me go much deeper into the relaxation and meditative aspects of yoga which now firmly guide my teaching style  so my focus is never too dominated by the physical poses and is always supported and deeply guided by the breath and energy flow, proper relaxation, and concentration. If you would like to further explore your yoga practice with me and take it to the next level with a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated Sivananda teacher read on...”

Next Step:

The next step is to book your free phone consultation with me

We will chat about your practice and your yoga journey so far.  We will get a sense of what you would like to get from a yoga practice as you move forward with it and the changes you might like to experience, it will give you an opportunity to ask me questions and we will explore whether this programme is suitable for your needs