The heart and soul of our studio

We are an animal friendly yoga studio. At Light Yoga Space we believe in the healing presence of animals, and find that having animals around whilst we practice yoga, brings an extra, subtle sense of joy, and grounding to our practice. We have 2 amazing little beings sharing our world with us at Light Yoga Space, who may or may not be present in any of your classes. Introducing Pearl the cat and Frida the Hungarian Puli



Pear is our special angel. She is an 11 year old oriental cat with the sweetest, cheekiest, funniest, kindest and most gentle of personalities. Pearl is an indoor cat. She came to live with us at 4 years old and was a breeders queen. She was clearly very much loved in her first home as she arrived full of confidence and an unshakable awareness of her divine right to be adored. She was only re-homed because she didn't get on well with the other cats and needed to be separated from them. Her previous humans felt the ratio of 15 humans to one cat would suit her much better than 15 cats to one human. She was right. Pearl has absolutely thrived in our yoga studio, she adores attention, has comedy miaow timing, and her favourite game, aside from feather stick, is to roll around on the mats when we are trying to get them out/clear them up! As she gets older she tends to sleep her way through classes, although if you are lucky she might maybe make a celebrity appearance for final relaxation, worming her way under your blanket should you be the chosen one. She is an energy healer and a love-being of light.



Frida has to be the funniest addition to our yoga family.  She is our 4 year old Hungarian Puli, we have had her since she was a puppy and what a joy it has been. She is friendly, gentle, funny, sensitive and incredibly sweet. Her main duty is guarding the yoga studio and she takes her job VERY seriously. Her high pitched shrieking bark, warns us of the very real and ever present threats of the lift in the corridor, the foxes and cats in the yard, and any other dog who dares step in the front door. Luckily for us though the soothing and calming effects of yoga are felt by the animals as well as the humans and during class she is most likely to be found snoring on her own mat if she's not gently and inquisitively sniffing your face or licking your toes.

The puli is an ancient Hungarian herding sheepdog with an amazing thick corded coat, that protects them from animal attack, keeps them warm in winter and acts as a natural fanning/cooling system as she runs in summer. She is also beautiful. She has big, soft, soulful brown eyes, and an extremely gentle nature. She is very cuddly.