Frida the Puli

Meet our darling Frida The Light Yoga Space's resident beloved crazy Hungarian Puli pooch

Hungarian Puli

Frida is a 3 year old Hungarian Puli an ancient herding sheepdog breed. She has a multi purpose corded coat which keeps her warm in winter, acts as a natural fanning system in summer, and protects her from animal attack all year round. I've seen it in action when she was attacked by a greyhound he got a mouthful of cords and not much else


We are also excited to say that we hope to bring a litter of little black Hungarian Puli puppies into this world at some point over the year. We are busy preparing it all at the moment  so do watch this space for more information. To register your interest in a future pup,  please tell us a bit about you here, although be warned, rigorous home checks will occur, we love Frida so much and only truly loving home will be considered for her upcoming babies. We would rather keep them all than send them off to the wrong home

Hungarian Puli's (actual plural for puli is Pulik) are a rare breed and hard to come by in London. We are taking reservations and deposits now so please do contact us to get the meet and greet process started.

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Frida when she was 12-weeks old

Frida when she was 12-weeks old