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All of our classes are taught in the Sivananda tradition and follow the Sivananda Class Sequence

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Most of our classes are mixed ability drop-in sessions and everybody is welcome. These friendly mixed ability Sivananda class sequence drop-in sessions are  suitable for beginners and more experienced students alike. Beginners will be offered gentle variations and will be closely guided to work at their own pace. More experienced students will be encouraged to try new postures and variations according to their ability and experience

Yoga Mats are provided. No need to book in advance for any of our drop-in sessions

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Most one-to one sessions are held in the Light Yoga Space studio (recommended) although sessions can be held in your own home if you prefer.  In these sessions you will receive bespoke one-to-one guidance in developing your yoga practice at a pace that is perfectly suited to you. Find out more

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At the Light Yoga Space we offer 6-week beginners courses. These courses offer a thorough step by step introduction to the theory and practice of Sivananda yoga. We explore breathing and relaxation exercises and the 12 classical yoga postures of the Sivananda class sequence. This course offers a thorough introduction to Sivananda Yoga and it is the perfect foundation for a strong Sivananda yoga practice. You need to be booked onto the full course to attend these classes


Dog Friendly Classes


Some of our mixed ability classes are dog-friendly. This means you can bring your dog along, although there are some rules so please read carefully

  • You can only bring your dog to classes with the dog friendly logo on the timetable

  • Your dog 100% your responsibility

  • These are NOT doga classes we will not be doing yoga poses with our dogs. We just recognise that whilst you are at yoga often pooch has to stay at home alone. This is just an opportunity for your loyal friend to tag along but the focus of the class will still be your yoga practice

    Body Positive Course Classes

    A Yoga practice can be adapted for everyone’s needs, gentler movements and a slower pace can be introduced where necessary, and the yoga postures can be adapted to be more accessible and comfortable for the larger body. These sessions are for women in larger bodies and are booked in blocks of 6

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