We are asking ourselves why our yoga community at Light Yoga Space doesn’t yet reflect the very dynamic and diverse local communities that surround us. Both Janice and Sarah co-owners of Light Yoga Space feel very strongly and passionately about making yoga accessible to as many people as the practice can benefit. It is such an empowering practice with so many proven health benefits, we want to make it readily accessible to so many more people who don’t yet know how much it can enhance their well-being.

We are starting with a series of courses for communities close to our hearts, Sarah is running a Back to Black course for the black community, Janice is running courses for LGBTQ+ folks, and a womxns fat-positive course. In the pipeline we have a Rebel Elder course planned for our respected elder generation, a 12-step recovery from addiction course, and a self-care course for activists who may be suffering PTSD as a result of their activism. Keep an eye out for the #yogafortherestofus hashtag on our social media to be informed of upcoming courses and events. We want to make this empowering yoga practice accessible to EVERY BODY

Upcoming #yogafortherestofus Courses

This 5-week yoga course has a primary focus of addressing the accessibility of yoga to the black community. With Sarah Benjamin

Ongoing fat positive 5-week yoga courses for womxn. A safe space to explore what fat bodies are really capable of. With Janice Kate Fisher

These are ongoing 5-week yoga courses specifically for the LGBTQ+ community and allies. EVERY BODY is welcome for yoga and a cup of tea. With Janice Kate Fisher


Yoga alongside animals

As a vegan yoga studio we are very conscious that anything we do alongside animals has their personhood and rights fully centred. We love animals and love being in their company and learning from their incredibly beautiful ways. These programmes are designed to simply bring us alongside animals in a way where we are focussing mindfully on our own energetic impact on our surroundings. We will be mindfully engaged in our own yoga practice and the animals can choose to interact with us or not. Sivananda yoga is a very gentle, introspective practice. There is no jumping or sudden movements, it is practiced in silence, so nothing to startle or disturb any animals near us. It is a very gentle way of sharing loving energy and simply being alongside others.

Yoga with your dog.jpg

A walk through Hackney and Walthamstow marshes and an outdoor yoga session with the dogs


A gentle day in the countryside with horses and yoga. The horses live a natural life, they are never ridden and interact with humans only if they choose to. We ran this programme last in 2017 and are seeking to run a similar programme summer 2020 please watch this space to stay informed and follow the hashtag #yogaandhealingwithhorses


A day at the sanctuary mucking out, learning about the rescue animals, and practicing yoga. Watch this space for our next event at the sanctuary…