Introductory offer for new students


Introductory offer for new students


Come and enjoy 1 month of unlimited yoga classes for just £40

Terms & Conditions

  • You can purchase this offer on your first or second visit to the studio
  • You can only purchase this offer once
  • Your month will start from the date of purchase unless you contact us to request a specific alternative start date
  • If you prefer a different start date it needs to be within 3 months of the date of purchase
  • All payments are non refundable
  • You can attend all of our drop-in classes with this offer
  • This offer does not grant you access to our beginners course, or other courses, workshops, or events
  • You can attend our level 2 course with this offer
  • Please not we are an animal friendly studio and have a cat and 2 dogs who live in the space and may or may not be present in class, no refunds are available for allergies or phobias concerning the animals
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