Bring Your Dog to Yoga

Light Yoga Space is a dog friendly space.

Our drop-in classes are dog friendly, please feel free to bring your dog along to class with you although be aware that your dog is your responsibility. Please keep them on a lead and close by you and follow the do’s and don’ts laid out below thank you.

The do's and don't when you bring your dog

  • If you are bringing your dog please be sure to arrive 15 mins before class if possible so we can socialise them with any other dogs first and try to get them settled before class begins

  • In most cases please keep your dog on a lead unless they are very calm and still 

  • You know your dog best, your dog is 100% your responsibility

  • Please bring a cloth to wipe your dog's feet  when you arrive to keep our studio clean

  • Please make sure that your dog has an empty bladder and bum before arriving

  • The teacher's focus will be on teaching yoga, you will be responsible for keeping your dog comfortable and happy

  • No squeaky toys please

  • All of our drop-in classes are dog friendly but not all of our courses are so please contact us first to discuss further if you want to bring your dog along to a pre-booked course