Bring Your Dog to Yoga

with Janice Kate and Harriet

Light Yoga Space offers dog friendly yoga classes. Our 12:30 and 6:30pm classes on Mondays are dog friendly classes when Janice Kate or Harriet are teaching. Everyone is welcome to attend these session with or without a dog

Please note this is not a yoga class for dogs. Dogs don’t need yoga, humans do. This is a regular hatha yoga class for humans. We simply allow you to bring dogs along into the space, to make the sessions more accessible for people with dogs. We recognise that so many places are not dog friendly we wanted to create a space that is

The yoga will be taught in the Sivananda tradition, a school of yoga that offers a sequence of classical hatha yoga poses, breathing exercises and deep relaxation.

The yoga will be taught at a pace that accommodates both beginners as well as yoga practitioners with some experience. This class is for anyone who wants to learn and practice real yoga, in a beautiful space and who also enjoys the company of dogs

The Light Yoga Space has it's own resident dog Frida the Hungarian Puli

Don't be entirely fooled by the pictures, it's not all snoozing and kisses, there can be barking, power dynamics, territorial scraps, pooping, and other such doggy antics, you really do need to love and accept canine energy to enjoy these classes!!

Rules and Regulations

The do's and don't when you bring your dog

  • Note: Not all of our classes are dog friendly only our Monday classes when Janice or Harriet are teaching which is not every week so please always check the timetable before bringing your dog to make sure the class you are coming to is dog-friendly.

  • If you are bringing your dog please be sure to arrive 15 mins before class so we can socialise the dogs first and try to get them relatively settled before class begins

  • If you are bringing your dog please text us first so we know how many dogs are coming 07956-208-666

  • In most cases please keep your dog on a lead unless they are very calm and still 

  • You know your dog best, your dog is 100% your responsibility

  • Please bring a cloth to wipe your dog's feet  when you arrive to keep our studio clean

  • We will attempt a zen class but be prepared for some barking, if you want pure zen, maybe our regular drop-in classes will be more suitable

  • Please make sure where possible that your dog has an empty bladder and bum on arrival

  • We get that accidents might happen but if they do the teacher will be busy teaching so we ask that you clear it up thoroughly if it is your dog who did the do. Cleaning products will be provided

  • Only 100% dog loving and dog accepting humans may attend

  • We will attempt a peaceful yoga class but our focus will also be on making sure the dogs are content too

  • The teacher's main focus will be on teaching yoga, you will be responsible for keeping your dog happy

  • It is OK to enjoy the dogs and have a group giggle at their antics every now and then however please do not chatter too much so as not to disturb the yoga class, dogs will be dogs, but humans will be practicing yoga in earnest