Light Yoga Space was one of Dalston’s very first yoga studios, established in Hackney in 2009, over 10 years ago. We offer a single form of classical hatha yoga which is a deep, beautiful, introspective practice taught in the Sivananda tradition

At Light Yoga Space we are keen to break away from any perception that you need to be young, flexible, fit, healthy, slim, and without any disabilities or limitations to practice yoga

We celebrate the global body positive yoga movement towards inclusivity in yoga across age, ability, body-type, race, colour, creed, gender-identity and sexuality, and aim to offer yoga classes in ways that actively reach across borders to the centre of people’s souls so that everyone can find their inner yogi

No mirrors

What you look like is the least of our concerns. From the point of arriving on our website to walking through our doors we want ‘every body’ to feel welcome, and we are committed to making sure our studio is friendly, not intimidating and is much more about who you are and what you need, rather than what you look like or what you wear


Yoga for the rest of us

We keenly want more diversity in our classes and are working to create a space that feels welcoming to everyone. We would love more older people, more fatter people, more queer people, more people of colour, more black people, more people from migrant communities to enter our studio and fall in love with what yoga can do for their mental and physical health. We welcome people with physical limitations and disabilities, those with chronic conditions and illnesses, we want children and teens and people of the older generations to come and access yoga. We want recovering addicts, stiff people, wobbly people, people whose back’s hurt and people who can’t touch their toes, people with depression and low self-esteem. We want teachers and carers and sex workers, and empaths and psychics. We want activists and survivors… We hope you get the gist

We are also a vegan space

So you will find no animal products in our blankets, cushions or mats. and we are dog friendly

Please come and help us to do our bit to break the mould

When we teach at Light Yoga Space we want to look out at a sea of faces that break expectations of who yoga is for to spread a strong message that yoga really is for every body. So if you think yoga isn’t for you but want to try it anyway we invite you to give us a chance

Whilst we can’t ‘PROMISE’ you the diversity that we strive for straight away as attracting people to the studio is a work in progress and we don’t know who will show up at any time but we do promise to do everything we can to try to make the space safe for everyone who shows up. We can also promise you that if YOU genuinely want to learn yoga WE genuinely want to teach you yoga, and YOU ARE welcome in our studio 

We are grateful beyond expression to our yoga masters, Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda for sharing these life changing, life affirming, soul enhancing practices with us


We teach is classical hatha yoga in the Sivananda tradition. The practice has it’s roots in an ancient Indian lineage that is passed from teacher to student down through the generations. Swami Sivananda passed the teachings to his student Swami Vishnudevananda who bought these formal teachings to the west as part of his mission to spread the practices of yoga where they were most needed. We honour our lineage by saying thank you to our teachers at the beginning and end of each class and by sticking closely to the traditions and formal teachings, this is why we open and close each session with a short traditional sanskrit chant of thanks as well as to set the silent and introspective tone of the session

Unity in diversity yoga shows the way

Swami Vishnudevananda coined the phrase ‘Unity in diversity - Yoga shows the way’ and we have taken this on as our mission statement, to share Sivananda yoga with as many communities of people as possible with yoga as the uniting factor, so everyone who wants to, gets to experience and enjoy the life affirming, cleansing and renewing benefits of this inspired gift of a  practice