Our Introductory Offer: One month of unlimited monthly drop-in classes for just £40

Available on your first or second visit to the studio only.

We invite all new students to explore our classes thoroughly using our introductory offer. 1 month of unlimited mixed ability drop-in classes for just £40 you only need to come 3 times in the 1 month to make this offer financially worthwhile but you can come as many times and as often as you like to really take advantage of this opportunity to immerse yourself in your practice. We recommend you come 2-3 times per week or more if you can

Our mixed ability drop-in classes are designed to be supportive of students of all levels of physical ability. We aim to be  highly  beginner welcoming and our teachers are trained to manage a contrast of abilities in the same class. In all mixed ability classes you will be cared for and guided to practice at your own pace. The teacher will always keep a close eye on you offering out clear options specifically for beginners at the same time as offering more experienced students postures and variations to help you progress in your practice

A note for beginners:

So many of us want to try yoga and sense it will be good for us but feel secretly very daunted by the idea of showing up to our first class. It can feel quite overwhelming in the beginning having no idea who will be your fellow class participants, and a barrage of lycra clad incredibly flexible acrobats on instagram doesn't necessarily help.

At Light Yoga Space we go out of our way to be body positive and to welcome EVERY-'BODY' in our classes. We are not remotely concerned with what you look like, our real concern is that we want people to feel inner contentment and freedom in their bodies from the inside out and we believe yoga is a tool towards that sense of freedom

 Observing beginners in our classes we notice it generally doesn't take long from feeling self-conscious, nervous and awkward in the first couple of sessions to feeling safe, confident and excited by the possibilities, and comfortable in the studio, once you have been just a few more times

We invite you not to get too caught up in trying to get everything perfect straight away and in your first class, it takes time for the details of the postures to soak in and for your body to get used to the yoga poses. We will make sure you practice safely and as you return again and again the postures will get more familiar to you and you will likely find yourself feeling relaxed and comfortable as you start to experience the power and benefit of each pose


Terms & Conditions

Please read it won't take long...

  • You can only purchase this offer on your first or second visit to the studio
  • You can only utilise this offer once
  • Your intro month of unlimited drop-in classes will start from the date of purchase unless you contact us to request a specific alternative start date
  • If you prefer a different start date it needs to be within 1 month of the date of purchase
  • All payments are absolutely non refundable
  • You can attend all of our drop-in classes with this offer
  • This offer does not grant you access to our beginners course, or other courses, workshops, or events
  • You are responsible for attending classes and we encourage you to come as often as possible on this package. If you do not attend many classes no refunds or extensions are available
  • Please not we are an animal friendly studio and have a cat and dog who live in the space and may or may not be present in class, no refunds are available for allergies or phobias concerning the animals
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