5-Week Beginners Course

Our beginners course is a welcoming 5-week course guiding you step by step in the practice of classical hatha yoga in the Sivananda tradition.

Next Course Dates

Wednesdays 7:45 - 8:45 p.m.

16th October - 13th November

20th November - 18th December

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Beginners Course Outline

Class 1: focus on the warm-up sequence

Class 2: focus on forward and backward bends

Class 3: focus on twists, standing and balancing poses

Class 4: focus on upside down poses

Class 5: focus on breathing, relaxation and meditation

Dear Beginners Welcome to Light Yoga Space

How fantastic that you have decided to explore yoga with us. We offer a beautiful, classical form of traditional hatha yoga gifted to us from Indian vedantic yoga masters

Our 5-week beginners courses is a step by step gentle introduction to Sivananda yoga, designed to give you a foundation and preparation for our group classes which if you choose to continue can take you deeper into a lifelong practice.

If the dates and times of the course don’t work for you we encourage you to just come straight to our mixed group classes anyway which are designed to be 100% welcoming and beginner friendly. You will be firmly guided and encouraged by our teachers to work in a way that is safe, non competitive and accessible for your own body.

Special offer after the beginners course

Once you have completed your beginners course we encourage you to sign up for regular drop-in classes to deepen and further your yoga practice. At the end of the course speak to your teacher about special offers as discounted class bundles will be available for you


Beginners Course Terms & Conditions. Please read it won't take long

  • Missed classes on the course can be made up at any of the drop-in yoga classes at the Light Yoga Space for the duration of the course

  • If you don't manage to use all of your classes during your course they will be lost

  • All payments are absolutely non-refundable

  • If the Light Yoga Space cancels or reschedules a course a full refund is available

  • Please note the Light Yoga Space is a dog friendly yoga studio no refunds are available for the presence of animals