Yoga and Dog Walking One-Day Mini Adventures

Join Janice & Frida the Puli for fun and lively dog walks through North and East London and back to Light Yoga Space for dog friendly yoga classes with our pooches. You do not need a dog to join this event, all are welcome

Next date TBC

Wrap up warm and Join us for a crisp and wintery hike through Walthamstow Marshes and along the canal

We will stop for lunch at Mother Works a beautiful plant based cafe/restaurant along the canal near Hackney Wick

We will then continue along the canal through Victoria Park and back to Light Yoga Space for a warm and cosy dog friendly yoga class

Yummy homemade vegan refreshments will be served after class

The walk itself in total is a good 4hrs at least, last time we did it we were clocking about 18-20,000 steps/7 or so miles, so get your walking boots on. We will walk at an easy pace

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These walks will be both social at times with plenty of time to chit chat and get to know our fellow walkers and pooches. We will also practice a silent walking meditation, so up to 30 minutes of our walk will be in silence as we connect within and become one with the nature around us without the distraction of chat

Maximum 8 dogs and 14 people only so early booking is highly recommended

Anyone on our monthly or 6-monthly unlimited yoga class memberships email for a code and join this event for just £17

Your dog, your responsibility!

About Janice

The walk and yoga will be led by Janice Kate Fisher proprietor of Light Yoga Space. 

Janice has been studying Sivananda classical hatha yoga for over 20 years and has been teaching for 15. She is passionate about supporting herself and others on the journey towards radiant mental and physical health, a healthy body-image, and self-acceptance. She very much believes that every-'body' can  benefit from the transformative power of yoga.  She is dedicated to Sivananda yoga and believes wholeheartedly in it as a practical force for good in the world. 

“I am working more and more with exploring the healing potential of practicing yoga in the presence of animals. Animals seem to be very drawn to the gentle, healing energy of yoga and meditation, and gentle people seem to be drawn to the healing energy of animals.

I believe animals can help us evolve emotionally, energetically and spiritually with much to give us and teach us on their terms, and we are there to love and support them and certainly in this human centred society take care of them and protect them from harm.”
 — a word from Janice



A little mention in The Telegraph can only be a good thing right...

The Yoga Class

After the walk we will arrive back at Light Yoga Space ready for a on-lead yoga class with our pooches who will hopefully be exhausted and should all sleep sweetly. One can only hope. Doggy antics to be expected. Absolutely no previous experience of yoga is needed to join this event.


After class homemade vegan refreshments will be served. There will also be a couple of loo and snack stops along the walk. 

What you will need

  • Yoga clothes that you can stretch comfortably in such as sweatpants and a t-shirt
  • Warm, breathable, waterproof walking clothes
  • Comfortable weather proof walking shoes
  • Gloves, hat, scarf etc. it will be cold!!!
  • Snacks for the walk
  • Water
  • Stuff for your dog

Your dog your responsibility!